Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still Checking?

Are you still checking your plans for this fall? There are always last minute things to do. One student who is transferring to the College of William and Mary (W & M) this fall is taking ITE 115 at NOVA this summer. It will make his fall semester better at W & M to have that out of the way of course.

If you are sure of your classes for the fall at your new school, you can look into buying your books. You may be able to buy them on line. If you are going to Mason, their book store probably has the fall books already.

Remember if you are taking a class this summer to forward your NOVA transcript one more time to your future institution when your new grade is posted.

Meanwhile enjoy a little time to relax, I hope!

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  1. Hey I'm moving to Virginia for a new job, and am interested in attending NOVA. Do you have a database of accepted course transfer equivalencies, or should I just submit my transcripts and hope for the best?